How to Make Garden Lanterns


As the sun sets and darkness takes over, a walk in the garden is an option to many. It can be a simple walk with your partner or with friends as you enjoy the evening stroll or share dinner. Unfortunately, the darkness to light ratio may be harsh and thus making it necessary to use garden lanterns. If everyone would have known how to make garden lanterns it was to be great felicity.
The garden lanterns need to reflect one’s creativity and thus one should use materials which are locally available. I started making garden lanterns a couple of years ago and it has been fun-creates a casual and personal feeling in the garden.
What do you need to make a garden lantern?
ü Masking tape
ü Copper wire
ü Sheets of vellum paper
ü Water and sand
ü Votive candles
ü Hammer and nails
ü Towel
ü Metal cans and spray paint (your favorite color)
ü Permanent black marker
ü a variety of leaves –with bold and interesting designs

Fill the metal cans with sand then add water. The mixture is then placed in a freezer so as to help re-shape the metallic cans.
Using a permanent marker, trace a leaf which can fit nicely on the can. This makes a unique and creative template.
Using a tape and vellum papers, place the design on the can once the water is frozen.
Place the can on a folded towel and using nails and a hammer, punch holes on it.
Paint the lantern
Hang your lantern using the copper wires and add a candle.

Wow! You now have a wonderful garden lantern.

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